Dacia MD87

dacia md87 1-2 2008 autoshowDacia MD87 is a mid-engined rear-wheel drive coupe prototype developed by Engineer Nicolae Cosmescu. The MD87 uses a modified Dacia Sport bodywork, with the engine moved in the back while in front remained only the radiator and spare wheel. The clutch cable is 3 m long, and that made it hard to push the clutch pedal. It was fixed by making it hydraulic.

The whole car was made in 3 months, and it could have taken less than that if Eng. Cosmescu was pleased with the initial red paint of the coupe. The MD are the initials of engineer`s wife and son : Monica and Dragos. A later version had hidden headlamps.

The sports prototype had as inspiration the Ford GT40. We can observe similar names as well. This must be the most valueable Dacia vehicle ever made, the whereabouts of any of the versions are unknown.

Magazine scans of Dacia MD87 articles.



AUTOSHOW magazine 1-2/2008

AUTOTURISM magazine 8/1992

Dacia MD87 red md 87 backdacia md87 dacia md 87 blackwhite copy



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