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Mobra Hoinar

mobra hoinarMobra Hoinar is a motorcycle presented at TIB 1983, but produced only starting 1987. It has been designed by the Doru Opinca and Ioan Cioara engineers. Mobra Hoinar is the fifth member of the Mobra family, after the Mobra 50, Mobra 50 Super, Mobra Mini and Mobra Turist. The motorcycle has a 50 cmc, two-stroke, single cylinder engine which develops 5 horse power at 8200 rpm. Mobra can reach a maximum speed of 74 km/h, and has a fuel consumption of 3 l / 100 km. Hoinar weighs  83.5 kg and has a maximum load of 150 kg.


Semi-official Mobra website.


AUTOTURISM magazine 4/1984

AUTOTURISM magazine 5/1987

AUTOTURISM magazine 7/1987

mobra hoinar driver

Mobra Mini

mobra miniMobra Mini is a romanian moped made at the Zarnesti – “6th March” factory. The production of this moped started in the spring of 1977. Mobra Mini has a 49 cmc, two-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine that develops 2 HP at 5200 rpm. The moped weighs 45 kg, and has a maximum load of 130 kg. Mobra Mini can reach a maximum 40 km/h at a fuel consumption of 1.8 l / 100 km.


Semi-official Mobra website.


AUTOTURISM magazine 6/1977

Aro 10.9

aro 10.9 1993 test autoturismAro 10.9 is a double cab version of the Aro 10 family, produced since 1993. Dimensions: 4 500 mm length, 1 650 mm wide, 1 400 kg weight. Uses the old 1 397 cc, 62 HP Dacia engine. It was introduced in a period in which Aro was in a process of diversification of the models, in those few years after the revoltion, the demand for Aro vehicles increased rapidly. Romanians had a large purchasing power right after the year 1989. I was quite a succes, just like the Dacia Double cab editions from Automobile Dacia, that appeared around the same time as Aro 10.9.


More images with Aro 10.9


revista AUTOTURISM nr. 8/ 1993

aro 10 king cab aro 10 copy

Dacia 1100 S

dacia 1100 SDacia 1100 S is a rare racing version of the production series Dacia 1100. It was produced in 100 units. It has 4 headlights and a modified 1108 cc 60 HP engine, type 688-09. It uses a Weber carburetor. Initially produced for the rally department, 50 units of  Dacia 1100 S were allocated to the “Militia”(the police at that time). They were used as high performance patrolling vehicles. The rally team of Uzina de Automobile Pitesti (UAP) consisting of Constantin Pescariu and Ioan Cârjoabă competed at the 1969 “Golden Sands” championship.



CHIRIAC VASILIE, Automobilul in Romania, 1994, Editura Flux

DeAGOSTINI, Masini de Legenda magazine nr. 5

dacia 1100s rally dacia 1100S rally racing dacia 1100 S three units

Dacia 1100 Club meeting video.

Dacia 1310 M

dacia 1310 MDacia 1310 M is prototype made in 1979. Dacia 1310 M runs on gasoline and methanol. At 80 km/h has a consumption of 3 l gasoline and 6 l methanol.




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