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List of all ARO all terrain cars made at Campulung-Muscel.

Aro 246

aro 246Aro 246 is a model derived from Aro 243, this model was produced since 1994. It has 5 doors and uses the same engine range as other Aro vehicles. This 4×4 can transport up to 7 people, and came at that time with a revised dashboard.


A very nice Aro 246 restored by an american, on this forum.


revista AUTOTURISM nr. 9/ 1991

revista AUTOTURISM nr. 1/ 1994

aro 246 test

Aro M461

ims aro m461 salon auto2Aro M461 este o masina tot-teren de opt locuri cu doua usi, avand un motor de patru cilindri cu capacitatea de 2 512 cmc montat in fata. Tractiunea pe cele patru roti.

  • Motorul are 70 CP/ DIN la 3 800 rot. min; alezajul X cursa 97 X 85 mm; raportul de compresie 7,2 : 1 ; cuplul maxim 16,55 kgfm la 2 700 rot/ min; racirea cu lichid, capacitatea instalatiei fiind de 12,5 l; carburator Weber tip 207/42 DSR; pompa de benzina mecanica; filtru de aer umed cu tesatura metalica; filtru de ulei in circuitul principal; capacitatea instalatiei de ulei 5,5 l.
  • Transmisia: ambreiaj monodisc uscat cu comanda hidraulica, cutie de viteze cu patru etaje (II, III si IV sincronizate), cutie de distributie, leviere de comanda dispuse central.
  • Suspensia: cu arcuri cu foi semieliptice si amortizoare hidraulice; pneuri 6,5 X 16; presiunea in fata 2 at, iar in spate 2,25 at
  • Frana: cu tamburi; comanda hidraulica
  • Directia: cu melc globoidal
  • Dimensiuni, date: lungimea 385,4 cm latimea 171 cm, inaltimea 205 cm ; ampatamentul 233,5 cm ; garda la sol 22 cm ; urca rampe de 32 grade ; trece vaduri cu adancimea de 50 cm ; diametrul de viraj 13 m ; masa proprie 1 550 kg ; capacitatea rezervorului de combustibil 70 l ; consumul de combustibil la 100 km, 14,5 l ; viteza maxima 100 km/ h.


VASILE PARIZESCU, VICTOR SIMTION, Salon Automobil, Editura Tehnica, 1973


ims aro m461m 461 istoria automobilului aro m461 covered uncovered aro ims m461 zimbrul aro m461 ims two units ims m461 aro units aro ims m461caro ims 461 hobby test aro ims hobby ims aro m461 lake

Official Aro m461 website.

Aro 240

aro 240 salon automobilAro 240 is a three door all terrain vehicle made from 1972. It uses the upgraded 4 cylinder L 25 engine that develops 83 HP at 4200 rpm. The 4×4 all terain has a 2.35 m wheel base, 0.22 m ground clearance, weighs 1550 kg and has a maximum load of 2250 kg. Dimensions: length 4.03 m, width 1.775 m, height 1.88 m. Normal consumption is 12 l 100 km and off road consumption is 12-20 l /100 km. Maximum speed 115 km /h.


Aro 240 on IMCDB.


Autoturisme si performante, AUREL  BREBENEL, DUMITRU VOICHIN, 1983

aro 240munte almanah 1973 aro 240 salon muntearo 240 mountain copy aro 240 descoperitaro 240 off road 4x4 aro almanah land cars copy 240 aro 24 lot uzina fabrica aro 240 munte 1985aro 240 raliu autocros aro service reparatie 240

Aro 243 Diesel

aro 243 d diesel almanah

Aro 243 Diesel was the first diesel Aro ever made at Campulung-Muscel. It was presented at TIB 1978.  The engine was made in collaboration with ICPAT-Brasov. Aro 243 D had a maximum load of 700 kg. The 4 cylinder 3100 cc engine that develops 68 hp and 18.5 kgfm of torque was proven reliable and rugged after some tests off road but also at 100+ km/ h speeds on highway.

The main advantage and reason of development was its low fuel consumption, of about 9 – 10 l/ 100 km compared to the classic gasoline engines which consumed 14.5 l/ 100 km. This was in the context of the 1973 oil crisis, when diesel oil was much cheaper. Engineer Petre Livoschi, one of the creators of this model, stated that after about 200 000 km traveled with the Aro 243 D you would save enough money to buy another exact diesel Aro from the factory.



Almanah Auto 1979 – Al. SOLOMONESCU


The Aro history starts in 1885, when in Campulung-Muscel the “Campulung Letea” paper factory is founded. Between the two world wars the factory has been producing propellers and shooting gear for the Brasov IAR airplanes. After the World War II, the plant was producing textile machines, locks, chains and others.

  • 1950s

aro 4x4 ims 57 1957In 1953 was developed the first romanian motorcycle, the IMS 53.  It was made in only 12 units, it had a two-cylinder, 350 cc engine. The motorcycle whereabouts are unknown. In the same time at Campulung were produced spare parts for the URSS all terrain vehicles GAZ-67 and GAZ MM. Spare parts like pistons, radiators, springs,  or even complete engines. In 1957, the engineers from Campulung-Muscel developed the first romanian 4×4 vehicle, using asimilated spare parts from those produced for GAZ vehicles. It was named simply IMS 57, initials from the “Intreprinderea Metalurgica de Stat” and the year of production. IMS 57 had an four-cylinder, 3260 cc, 50 HP at 2800 rpm engine. The all terain has a total weight of 2265 kg, a load capacity of 650 kg, and a fuel consumption of 24 l/ 100 km at the maximum speed of 80 km/ h.

Two years later, the IMS 59 vehicle has been developed. It used some pressed bodywork elements from the Steagul Rosu vehicles. It uses an improved 56 HP at 2900 rpm engine, an romanian carburetor UT 550 and electric windscreen wipers (the IMS 57 had manual wipers). The max speed was increased at 90 km/ h, the fuel consumption was reduced to 21 l/ 100 km and the maximum slope climb was increased at 30º from 25º. In 1959 were produced 760 units of IMS 57 and 803 units of IMS 59. Production of the IMS 59 rose to 3222 units in 1963.

  • 1960s

aro ims m461In 1964 began the production of the M-461 model. M-461 was a lot more competitive, regarding reliability, performances and quality which lead to exports starting the following year. The new model has a total weight of 2200 kg, reaches a maxium speed of 100 km/ h and has a fuel consumption of 17 l/ 100 km at 80 km/ h. The M 207 engine is now developing 70 HP at 3800 rpm, and was later upgraded to 77 HP at 4000 rpm. Until 1975, when production of M-461 ceased, were built 80223 units, with 46549 units exported. The exports of M461 began in 1965.

The engine cylinder capacity was reduced from 2512 cc to 2495 cc for customs taxes purposes. The L25 was once again improved by redesigning the filter, the intake and exhaust pipe by incresing the compression ratio to 8 : 1 the engine power was increased to 80 HP at 4000 rpm. These improvements lead to a fuel consumption of only 16 l/ 100 km. In 1965 the factory expanded and the production capacity increased to 10000 vehicles/ year and 5000 equipments for “TV”/ year.  Factory`s built size increased to 33000 m2 from 13000 m2 in 1955. After 1966 began the designing of a complete new vehicle. It was later named Aro 240.

  •  1970s

The new family of Aro 24 was a very daring project. Aro 24 came with a brand new bodywork, curved chassis and it was the second after Range Rover to implement front independent suspensions.aro 4x4 241 romania




Discussions about Aro and others on this forum.

Great pictures from romanian alternative website. Automobile Romanesti.

Older romanian article: Istoria Aro.


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