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A list of all Dacia articles. From Dacia 1100 to Dacia Duster.

Dacia Jumbo

dacia 1308 jumbo 1992Dacia 1308 Jumbo is a prototype made in 1992. It came along with Dacia Milk Tanker and Dacia Isotherm in a time when the whole factory was trying a diversification.



Autoturism magazine, 06/ 1992

dacia 1308 jumbo

Dacia Sport

autoshow noiembrie 2007 dacia sportDacia Sport is a two door coupe made between 1981 and 1992, in 5141 units. It was available with the 1289 cc or the 1397 cc engine. Dacia Sport is 192 mm shorter than the Standard sedan version. Some time after production began, the doors have been extended by 120 mm. Maximum speed was at 150 km/h. Dacia Brasovia is one if it`s predecessors and Dacia MD87 one of it`s successors.

The Dacia 1410 Sport uses the 102.00 type engine, having 1397 cmc with a compression ratio of 9.6 : 1 and develops 65 HP at 5250 rot/ min. The engine has a maximum torque of 10.2 kgfm at 3000 rot/ min. The 1410 Sport had either a four speed or five speed gearbox and clutches type 180 DBR or 170 DBR. The car had an improved air conditioning, better back supporting seats with headrests and radio cassette player.




Autoturisme Dacia, CORNELIU MONDIRU, Editura Tehnica, 1990

AUTOSHOW magazine 23/2007

fisa tehnica dacia 1310-1410 sportsport 2 zapadadacia 1310 sport rallydacia sport rally modifieddeagostini sport 1 deagostini sport 2dacia sport tib oltcit headlightsdacia 1410 sport oltcit headlightsdacia sport oltcit headlightsdacia sprint racingdacia 1410 Sport

Slideshow video about Dacia Sport, made by admin.

Dacia MD87

dacia md87 1-2 2008 autoshowDacia MD87 is a mid-engined rear-wheel drive coupe prototype developed by Engineer Nicolae Cosmescu. The MD87 uses a modified Dacia Sport bodywork, with the engine moved in the back while in front remained only the radiator and spare wheel. The clutch cable is 3 m long, and that made it hard to push the clutch pedal. It was fixed by making it hydraulic.

The whole car was made in 3 months, and it could have taken less than that if Eng. Cosmescu was pleased with the initial red paint of the coupe. The MD are the initials of engineer`s wife and son : Monica and Dragos. A later version had hidden headlamps.

The sports prototype had as inspiration the Ford GT40. We can observe similar names as well. This must be the most valueable Dacia vehicle ever made, the whereabouts of any of the versions are unknown.

Magazine scans of Dacia MD87 articles.



AUTOSHOW magazine 1-2/2008

AUTOTURISM magazine 8/1992

Dacia MD87 red md 87 backdacia md87 dacia md 87 blackwhite copy

Dacia Maxi Break

dacia maxibreak prototype autoshow oct 2007Dacia Maxi Break is a limousine made in the 1983-1984 period, by Dacia Service Pitesti. This was right after the succes of the Dacia Sport. It was derived from the Dacia 1310 Break and was made in two versions. The second version was made in 10-12 units. There was also developed an ambulance version.

Maxi Break is 5125 mm long, has 8 seats, uses 175 SR 14 tires and weighs 1156 kg. It was designed by engineer Nicolae Cosmescu.


More pictures and discussions of this model here.



AUTOSHOW magazine 21/2007

dacia maxibreak dacia maxi break two models dacia 1310 maxi break ambulance


Dacia 1310 TDE

dacia 1310 TDEDacia 1310 TDE (Turbo Diesel Economic) was a car made in 1983 in only about 800 units, all for export. It is a 1.6 l diesel. It also came with brand new paints at that time.

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