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Dacia 1100

dacia 1100 versus renault 8Dacia 1100 is the first model made by “Uzina de Autoturisme” Pitesti.  It was made under Renault 8 license, between 1968 and 1971, in 37 546 units. The car has a 4 cylinder Sierra 1108 cc rear mounted engine, which develops 46 HP at 4600 rpm. The engine has the bore and stroke of 70 x 72 and carburetor Solex 32 DITA 3.  The car`s motor has a maximum torque of 7.9 kgf/m at 3000 rpm and drives the vehicle at a maximum speed of 135 km/h. Fuel consumption at 90 km/ h is 6.8 l/ 100 km. The four door Dacia 1100, wasn`t planned to be made at Pitesti at all. The government signed the license contract for Renault 12, but this model wasn`t tested yet in France, so Renault 8 license was a temporary solution for the romanian auto market. Imports of cars in Romania had rised from 1 168 units in 1960 to 11 880 units in 1965. In 1970 begins the production of the Dacia 1300 simultaneously with Dacia 1100.

At first all of Dacia 1100`s parts were CKD. After a while the romanian auto industry has managed to asimilate 20% of Dacia 1100`s spare parts. Spare parts like tires, battery, car windows, electrical wiring et cetera. The car weighs 730 kg, has disc brakes on all wheels and holds a 38 l fuel tank. Dacia 1100 S was a modified rally version of this model.

Visual differences between the Dacia 1100 and Renault 8 are a few. We can see in the first image the different front masks and also that the chromed side line is missing at the 1100. Also, while Dacia 1100 had only five gloss color options: red 28, grey brown 40, green 57, blue 68 and grey 83, the Renault 8 received metallic paints as well.

Video about a restored Dacia 1100.


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