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Dacia 1304

dacia 1304 almanah 83Dacia 1304 is a two door pick-up made between 1981 and 2006. It is the first rear-wheel drive Dacia ever built, it used transmission elements and other parts from the Aro 10. Dacia 1304 was available in 3 versions: Pick-up, platform, and Drop Side (platform with foldable side panels). It has a 2.25 cubic meters practical platform area space.

The first models had the 54 HP 1.4 l or the 58 HP 1.6 l engines, ulterior the 72 HP 1.6 l engines, with the Oltcit carburetor, were used. Only in 2002 the 62 HP 1.9 l Renault diesel engine was added to the Dacia 1304`s engine options. The load capacity ranges from 850 kg and 1150 kg. With the 1297 cc engine reaches 124 km /h and has fuel consumption of 9.3 l /100 km at 80 km /hour.



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dacia 1304 pick up schita tehnicadacia 1304 drop side papucdacia 1305 drop side 1984dacia 1304 papucdacia 1304 platformdacia 1304 platform with hinges drop side

Sporty video about Dacia 1304.

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