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Dacia 1100 S

dacia 1100 SDacia 1100 S is a rare racing version of the production series Dacia 1100. It was produced in 100 units. It has 4 headlights and a modified 1108 cc 60 HP engine, type 688-09. It uses a Weber carburetor. Initially produced for the rally department, 50 units of  Dacia 1100 S were allocated to the “Militia”(the police at that time). They were used as high performance patrolling vehicles. The rally team of Uzina de Automobile Pitesti (UAP) consisting of Constantin Pescariu and Ioan Cârjoabă competed at the 1969 “Golden Sands” championship.



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dacia 1100s rally dacia 1100S rally racing dacia 1100 S three units

Dacia 1100 Club meeting video.

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