Aro 240

aro 240 salon automobilAro 240 is a three door all terrain vehicle made from 1972. It uses the upgraded 4 cylinder L 25 engine that develops 83 HP at 4200 rpm. The 4×4 all terain has a 2.35 m wheel base, 0.22 m ground clearance, weighs 1550 kg and has a maximum load of 2250 kg. Dimensions: length 4.03 m, width 1.775 m, height 1.88 m. Normal consumption is 12 l 100 km and off road consumption is 12-20 l /100 km. Maximum speed 115 km /h.


Aro 240 on IMCDB.


Autoturisme si performante, AUREL  BREBENEL, DUMITRU VOICHIN, 1983

aro 240munte almanah 1973 aro 240 salon muntearo 240 mountain copy aro 240 descoperitaro 240 off road 4x4 aro almanah land cars copy 240 aro 24 lot uzina fabrica aro 240 munte 1985aro 240 raliu autocros aro service reparatie 240



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