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List of all Aro 10 all terrain vehicles equipped with the Dacia engine.

Aro 10.4

aro 10 4 impecabilAro 10.4 is a three door, five seater combi all terrain vehicle. It uses the I.A.P. 810-R-99 1289 cmc engine from Dacia 1300.  The Aro 10.4 has a 2.4 m wheel base,  0.225 m ground clearance, weighs 1100 kg and holds a 46 l fuel tank. The 54 HP at 5250 rpm engine drives the car to a maximum speed of 115 km/h.

Some images with a very nice red Aro 10.4



Autoturisme si performante, AUREL  BREBENEL, DUMITRU VOICHIN, 1983

aro 10 10 4aro 10 4 legenda

Aro 10.9

aro 10.9 1993 test autoturismAro 10.9 is a double cab version of the Aro 10 family, produced since 1993. Dimensions: 4 500 mm length, 1 650 mm wide, 1 400 kg weight. Uses the old 1 397 cc, 62 HP Dacia engine. It was introduced in a period in which Aro was in a process of diversification of the models, in those few years after the revoltion, the demand for Aro vehicles increased rapidly. Romanians had a large purchasing power right after the year 1989. I was quite a succes, just like the Dacia Double cab editions from Automobile Dacia, that appeared around the same time as Aro 10.9.


More images with Aro 10.9


revista AUTOTURISM nr. 8/ 1993

aro 10 king cab aro 10 copy

Aro 10.1

Aro 10.1 este un model cu cinci locuri şi prelată în partea din spate.


Aro 10.6

Aro 10.6 este un pick-up cu două locuri.


Aro 10.3

Aro 10.3 este un model în două locuri, cu cabina închisă.


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