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Oltcit in 1981

oltcit 1982 galben craiova almanah auto Oltcit has first appeared  at the TIB 1981. It was a very anticipated vehicle, projects for the Craiova plant started in 1976.  Oltcit was presented in two versions: Special and Club. The Oltcit Special weighs 835 kg and has a 2 cylinder 652 cc 34 HP at 5 250 rpm engine. The thing that brought attention to the Special model was its` engine starting system. The starting system uses two magnetic sensors which sends signal down to a microprocessor, and from there to the sparking plugs. The Oltcit Club weighs 875 kg and has a 4 cylinder 1 129 cc 56.5 HP at 6 250 rpm engine.

The maximum speed was 120 km/ h for Oltcit Special and 149 m/ h for the Oltcit Club. Fuel consumption at 90 km/ h was of 5.7 l at the Specialmodel and 6.7 l at the Club model. The urban fuel consumption was 7.3 l (Special) and 9.7 l (Club ).



Almanah Auto 1982 – Al. SOLOMONESCU

fisa tehnica oltcit special club

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