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Aurel Vlaicu

Aurel vlaicu in GandaculAurel Vlaicu was a romanian engineer, inventor and pilot. He is recognised as the first romanian aircraft manufacturer. He was born on 19 november 1882, as the first child of the eight children of  Dumitru and Ana Vlaicu, peasants from Bintiti village (now Aurel Vlaicu), near Orastie.

In high school he was known as a clock repairman. In those days he heard about the flying attempts of  Ion Stoica, from Ormindea village. Even since he was obssessed about making a flying “kite”. After finishing high school, in 1902,  he followed the courses of  the Polytechnic School in Budapest. At Budapest, Vlaicu succesed to design a lightweight, but still powerful motor, fueled by gunpowder.

Munchen was the next destination for Vlaicu, the place where he made his first model and impressed his college professor.



CASA AUREL VLAICU HOUSElibelula aurel vlaicu Aure Vlaicu in zbor flying vlaicu aurel blaj at blaj when he met caragiale vlaicu miting cotroceni aurelvlaicu I flying in zbor ion vlaicu brother of aurel vlaicu aviator vlaicu and friends near VLAICU 2 macheta vuia I TRaian vuia  aurel vlaicu felicitare parinti aurel vlaicu in france macheta vlaicu II 2 traian vuia and aurel vluica at museum

IAR 813

IAR 813 aripi romanestiIAR 813 istoria plane

IAR 811

IAR 811 aripi

IAR 817 S

IAR 817 S sanitar sanitary

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