Aro 10.4

aro 10 4 impecabilAro 10.4 is a three door, five seater combi all terrain vehicle. It uses the I.A.P. 810-R-99 1289 cmc engine from Dacia 1300.  The Aro 10.4 has a 2.4 m wheel base,  0.225 m ground clearance, weighs 1100 kg and holds a 46 l fuel tank. The 54 HP at 5250 rpm engine drives the car to a maximum speed of 115 km/h.

Some images with a very nice red Aro 10.4



Autoturisme si performante, AUREL  BREBENEL, DUMITRU VOICHIN, 1983

aro 10 10 4aro 10 4 legenda



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