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Aro 243 Diesel

aro 243 d diesel almanah

Aro 243 Diesel was the first diesel Aro ever made at Campulung-Muscel. It was presented at TIB 1978.  The engine was made in collaboration with ICPAT-Brasov. Aro 243 D had a maximum load of 700 kg. The 4 cylinder 3100 cc engine that develops 68 hp and 18.5 kgfm of torque was proven reliable and rugged after some tests off road but also at 100+ km/ h speeds on highway.

The main advantage and reason of development was its low fuel consumption, of about 9 – 10 l/ 100 km compared to the classic gasoline engines which consumed 14.5 l/ 100 km. This was in the context of the 1973 oil crisis, when diesel oil was much cheaper. Engineer Petre Livoschi, one of the creators of this model, stated that after about 200 000 km traveled with the Aro 243 D you would save enough money to buy another exact diesel Aro from the factory.



Almanah Auto 1979 – Al. SOLOMONESCU

Oltcit in 1981

oltcit 1982 galben craiova almanah auto Oltcit has first appeared  at the TIB 1981. It was a very anticipated vehicle, projects for the Craiova plant started in 1976.  Oltcit was presented in two versions: Special and Club. The Oltcit Special weighs 835 kg and has a 2 cylinder 652 cc 34 HP at 5 250 rpm engine. The thing that brought attention to the Special model was its` engine starting system. The starting system uses two magnetic sensors which sends signal down to a microprocessor, and from there to the sparking plugs. The Oltcit Club weighs 875 kg and has a 4 cylinder 1 129 cc 56.5 HP at 6 250 rpm engine.

The maximum speed was 120 km/ h for Oltcit Special and 149 m/ h for the Oltcit Club. Fuel consumption at 90 km/ h was of 5.7 l at the Specialmodel and 6.7 l at the Club model. The urban fuel consumption was 7.3 l (Special) and 9.7 l (Club ).



Almanah Auto 1982 – Al. SOLOMONESCU

fisa tehnica oltcit special club

Daewoo Espero 1.5 DOHC 16V GLX

daewoo espero 03 1996 reclama auto pro cut3Daewoo Espero 1.5 DOHC 16V GLX was a sedan made at Craiova between March of 1996 and 1998. Daewoo Espero presented itself as more of a premium sedan, it came with ABS,  AC, electric side windows front and back, central locking system , four speaker audio system and many other premium features.  The prices in 1996 were: 12 300$  (GLX), 13 150$ (GLX, AC), 14 150$ (GLX, AC, AT). The Espero is based on the 1992 Opel Vectra.

Technical data of the Daewoo Espero 1.5 DOHC 16V GLX, AC with ABS (the 14k$ model):

– 4 cylinder, 90 HP at 4 800 rpm and 137 Nm torque engine

– manual 5 speed gearbox

– max speed of 170 km/ h

– 1 156 kg



Auto Capital magazine – March 1996

Prototypes at TIB 1989

romanian prototypes 1989 autoturismAt the Targul International Bucuresti 1989, which took place between the 14th and 22nd of October, were presented some very interesting unique models – from Timisoara,  Craiova and Pitesti. In the first picture we see an extended Lastun, with a metallic bodywork. The second model is a four door Oltcit, called Oltina.  The red Dacia below is a 1100 cc, 45 HP model.



Autoturism magazine – November 1989

Salon Automobil wallpapers

I just scanned some very nice high quality pictures up to 1080p from the Salon Automobile (1973) book. You will find 15 pictures of models like BMW Coupe 2000 CF, Buick Le Sabre Custom, Opel GT, Peugeot 504 Coupe or even Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

1 Dacia 1300 Salon Automobil 1920x1080 2 BMW Coupe 2000 CF Salon Automobil 3 Buick Le Sabre custom Salon Automobil     7 Morris 2200 Salon Automobil4 Chrysler 180 Salon automobil12 Toyota corolla Salon Automobil 9 Peugeot 504 Coupe Salon Automobil 1920x1080  10 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Salon Automobil 1920x1080   13 Volga Gaz-24 Salon Automobil  15 Zastava Z 101 Salon Automobil 1920x1080


6 Fiat 124 Sport Spider 1600 salon Automobil

11 Triumph 2,5 P I MK 2 Salon automobil 8 Opel GT Salon Automobil

5 Datsun 510 Salon Automobil 1973 1920x1080 14 Volvo models 164 E and 142 144 DE LUXE and 1800 ES

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