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Aro 243 Diesel

aro 243 d diesel almanah

Aro 243 Diesel was the first diesel Aro ever made at Campulung-Muscel. It was presented at TIB 1978.  The engine was made in collaboration with ICPAT-Brasov. Aro 243 D had a maximum load of 700 kg. The 4 cylinder 3100 cc engine that develops 68 hp and 18.5 kgfm of torque was proven reliable and rugged after some tests off road but also at 100+ km/ h speeds on highway.

The main advantage and reason of development was its low fuel consumption, of about 9 – 10 l/ 100 km compared to the classic gasoline engines which consumed 14.5 l/ 100 km. This was in the context of the 1973 oil crisis, when diesel oil was much cheaper. Engineer Petre Livoschi, one of the creators of this model, stated that after about 200 000 km traveled with the Aro 243 D you would save enough money to buy another exact diesel Aro from the factory.



Almanah Auto 1979 – Al. SOLOMONESCU

Aro 243

aro 243 military copyAro 243 is a three door wagon, a base model for Aro 24 family.

Aro 243 este un furgon carosat derivat din 240.


aro 243 motorinared aro 243 great conditionaro 243 military 1972 copy aro 243 red and grey aro 243 off road 4x4aro+243+munte.jpgaro 243 2000 deagostini aro+243+ACR.jpg aro+243+tib+2.jpg


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