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Dacia 1302

dacia 1302Dacia 1302 is the first Dacia pick-up ever built. Named at first simply Dacia 1300 C. The pick-up weighs 880 kg and has a maximum load of 1370 kg. It uses the same 1289 cmc engine from Dacia 1300. Production started in 1975.





Autoturismul Dacia 1300, BREBENEL MONDIRU FARCAS, 1978

dacia 1302 pick up cover dacia 1302 lateral dacia 1302 back fisa tehnica dacia 1302 papuc

Dacia 1302 at IMCD.

Dacia 1309

dacia 1309 1992Dacia 1309 is a 4 door double cab pick-up made between 1992 and 1998. It is directly derived from Dacia 1310 Break and was the cheaper alternative of Dacia 1307 Double Cab. In 1994, Dacia 1309 saved the factory from bankruptcy, when Automobile Dacia received an order for 4000 units of Dacia 1309 in China.

The pick-up had Oltcit side mirrors and used the 1397 cc or 1557 cc engine. About 49098 units were made. It is now a very rare car, many of the functioning vehicles have been scrapped. The taxes for this car are very high, because it enters in the utility transport category. The 1.6l was called Silva, it used the 106.00 type, 72 HP/ 5000 rpm engine. Maximum load of cargo was set at 350 kg.



CORNELIU MONDIRU, Automobile Dacia, Editura Tehnica, 1998

Masini de Legenda magazine nr. 21

Autoturism magazine 12/1993

Autoturism magazine 8/1992

dacia 1309 desen 1993

Romanian Dacia 1309 article.

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